Chaste Tree Berry
Chaste Tree Berry
Chaste Tree Berry
Chaste Tree Berry
Chaste Tree Berry
Chaste Tree Berry
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Chaste Tree Berry

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4 ounces / 120ml

Our Hormone Balancing Elixir, made from organic chaste tree berry, aims to support a healthy menstrual cycle and assist women suffering from:

Absent or Irregular cycles | PMS | Period Cramps | Menstrual Acne* 

How it works 

The key ingredient, chaste tree berry (vitex agnus castus), has been clinically shown to inhibit prolactin production, indirectly balancing estrogen and progesterone levels*. 


Take 10 drops once daily in liquid such as water or juice. 

It is recommended to take first thing in the morning, when our pituitary is most receptive*.


Our elixir is made from organic chaste tree berry (vitex agnus castus) sourced from Croatia with extraction, bottling and packaging in the USA. 

For more, visit our Fact Sheet : Ingredients, Sources & Research, Suggested Dosage & Testimonials.

Important: Do not take if you are taking hormonal contraception, or if you are pregnant.  

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