m.foy - marketing director

"Such an amazing brand and product that I can swear by. It works absolute wonders for irregular cycles or cramps/ pain and other pms symptoms.

It's literally the secret weapon of good naturopaths but super hard to find - especially in tincture form. Use it for three months - results are amazing."



"I've been using Chaste Tree Berry for about a month now. I had so few PMS symptoms that my period took me by complete surprise.

I had some minor cramping but didn't need to take any pain relievers. I know it's only been a month and this could be due to other factors but I must say that I am now an even firmer believer in the product! "

S.Samji - Managing assistant

"Beauty and style from the inside out. I'm in love with the their ethos and their product. Everything about bootsy fits seamlessly into my clean beauty and health routine.

The bottle sits beautifully among the collection on my vanity and it's been such a simple ritual to add to my morning routine."


k.dixon - nurse

"Impressive experience with bootsy from start to finish. I love the bottle, it fits right in with my other beauty products.

I've already recommended it to all my friends who suffer from these issues."

s.marks - founder

"For me, Chaste Tree Berry has been an absolute game changer. After years of erratic cycles and brutal period cramps, I can happily say I now have a regular 28 day cycle and only need to take one ibuprofen on Day 1.

My emotions are in check and it also cleared up my skin breakouts that I used to experience around my cycle. "

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