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why we do it

Yes, I'm Hormonal. And Proud.

While hormones certainly affect our mood, a healthy hormone cycle affects so much more than that. It is the reason we menstruate (or not) and can ultimately reproduce, if we so desire. When our hormone cycle is disrupted, it can cause a whole host of health issues from mood swings to acne, to severe PMS and period pain, as well as long term reproductive issues.

Bootsy Health is about empowering people to take control and learn about their hormonal and menstrual health with the same passion and interest we do fitness, nutrition or beauty.

Our inaugural product is a plant-based Hormone Balancing Elixir that supports women suffering from PMS, mood swings, acne or irregular cycles (amenorrhea), as well as perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms*.  

We aim to provide science backed, natural products that women enjoy and feel proud to use.

Let's appreciate the natural changes in our bodies during our cycle and our lifetime and talk about the facts in easy to understand terms.

You got this.

about our products

(sit down and tell me everything)


natural ingredients

Our products are made from natural, plant based extracts wherever possible, avoiding the use of alcohol in our liquid products.

Our direct to consumer model makes it possible to use the highest-impact, natural ingredients to save you time and dollar-bills!


science based

Bootsy Health provides science based resources and products to support a holistic appreciation of menstrual and hormonal health.

Studies show that the key ingredient in our inaugural product, Hormone Balancing Elixir (chaste tree berry or vitex agnus castus), balances key hormones associated with menstruation and may be an effective natural treatment for the relief of symptoms PMS and ammenohrea (absent periods) with little to no side effects*. Check out our Fact Page for references and resources.



Why liquid formulas? They're easy to consume, require no preparation for you, and are quickly absorped into the bloodstream.

Tick, tick and tick.

We use glycerin as our preferred solvent because of its tasty, sweet flavour, and its ability to preserve the herbal extracts for up to three years.

This also ensures our products are suitable for those who cannot or choose not to consume alcohol.



made in the usa

Our inaugural product is made from chaste tree berry (vitex agnus castus), sourced from Croatia, its country of origin.

All formula extraction, bottling and packaging is complete in the USA to ensure quality products and efficient production. Our bottles and packaging are completely recyclable (we got you mamma earth)!

Meanwhile, our creative headquarters are based in Brooklyn, New York.




(warning: may cause blushing)


We strive to be open and transparent through our products, service and people. We share the details of our supply chain, materials and packaging, and we’re always happy to discuss the nitty gritty details.

We hold ourselves accountable to stay open to new ideas and ways of thinking.


We lift each other up.

We’re not afraid to talk about the difficult or the sometimes distressing.

We’re here to be a supportive network for women around the world to learn more about our health, wellbeing and the experiences of others.


We’re tediously curious, and strive for our people and community to be informed.

We’re conscious of what we consume, where it comes from and why it may support our bodies and minds.

Come as you are and allow others to do the same.



Siena Dixon founded Bootsy Health in 2017 to help women around the world find answers to their long standing menstrual and hormonal health issues. She is a certified natural health consultant, women's health advocate and has been working in health and wellness for over a decade. She also co-hosts a popular lifestyle podcast called 'And Yet', focused on the interconnection between culture and health.

After suffering from severe period pain, PMS and irregular cycles for most of her adult life, only to be prescribed the pill as a cure-all, she decided to take matters into her own hands and find a natural way to resolve her issues. After extensive research, visits to multiple naturopaths and intensely studying clinical trials, she was able to resolve her long term issues naturally and made it her mission to educate women about their menstrual and hormonal health.