The Best Period Tracking App For 2019

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"Making the commitment to track your cycle as a regular part of your routine can be truly life changing as it reframes your beliefs about the menstrual cycle. Instead, you’ll begin to feel empowered, intrigued and interested in your hormones - and that is pretty damn liberating."

I’ll make a bold statement. Tracking your cycle can be one of the most empowering things you can do as a menstruating person. Yes, I said it and I’m sticking to my conviction. Here’s why.

By tracking and knowing when to expect ovulation, menstruation and all phases in between, you become familiar with the natural emotional, mental and physical fluctuations throughout the month and you can begin to expect and understand them. 

Not only does it mean we can be better in tune with our emotional and physical state at any point in time, but it means we can harness this knowledge to increase our productivity, emotional awareness, sense of self and relationships with others. This. is. powerful.

Your cyclical symptoms also give you extremely important cues about your menstrual health, and thus your overall health. After all, menstrual health is general health for half the population. Take a peak at our article on menstrual mindfulness.

On a very practical level, you’re not surprised when bleeding starts each month and you’re stuck without your tampons (or your preferred menstrual care products), or wind up with stains on your favourite pair of jeans. It means you can plan for major events and holidays (priorities people!). And of course, it means that if and when you want to start procreating, you’re already a step ahead and understand your fertility.

These days it's super easy to track your cycle. There are many apps out there that help you track your cycle and associated symptoms, and we’ve outlined our choice of the best period tracking apps available on the market today.

1) Clue

Ranked the number one period tracking app on iTunes for good reason. It happens to be our numero uno for its personalized health insights and push reminders about your period, PMS, ovulation and fertility based on an algorithm that learns from your data. It’s also been named the best free period tracking app by the Obstetrics and Gynaecology journal, which is a pretty darn good review.

It has a really sophisticated and modern user experience with the option of a calendar or circular graphical view, so its super easy to tell where you are in your cycle on any given day. 

It also has in-depth supporting health information complete with transparent scientific references (which we’re all about here at Bootsy).

The updated version allows you to log your birth control and plan for pregnancy, as well as the ability to track your basal temperature for more accurate ovulation and fertility predictions.

Cost: Free. Legit!

Stand out feature: Personalized reminders and health insights

Perfect for: The data geek

2) Flo Period Tracker

This one is suitable for beginners to period tracking and actually claims to be the most downloaded Health & Fitness app in the App Store worldwide.

It’s super easy to track your period and PMS but it also has a pregnancy calculator and tracker with a birth countdown when the time comes – pretty neat! As with most apps, the more you log, the more information you’ll get. It will send you daily health insights, tips, and articles based on the amount of info you track.

However, what we love most about Flo Period Tracker is that is helps you keep track of an irregular cycle by tracking the tell-tale symptoms that your period is on its way - like your temperature, moods, and sleep quality. And as many of us know, not all women have a regular cycle… yet. After all, that’s why our Hormone Balancing Elixir exists.  

Cost: Free + subscription models for Flo Premium features

Stand out feature: Helps you track irregular cycles and symptoms

Perfect for: People overcoming irregular cycles

3) MyFLO App 

This is a great app for those interested in nutrition and holistic health as it's based on functional medicine. The app tracks each of the four phases of your hormonal cycle and provides advice on everything from the most appropriate foods to eat to the best work out options, and even the most productive activities to perform on any given day based on your fluctuating hormone levels.

To say we love this approach is an understatement, but it’s probably more suitable for those of us who already know a thing or two about the menstrual cycle and have more flexibility in our schedule.

Cost: $1.99 with in-app purchases for premium features.

Stand out feature: Ability to track your hormonal fluctuations and plan accordingly

Perfect for: The health nut 

Changing Perceptions 

Whatever you use, making the commitment to track your cycle as a regular part of your routine can be truly life changing as it reframes your beliefs about the menstrual cycle. Instead, you’ll begin to feel empowered, intrigued and interested - and that is pretty damn liberating.


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